Tips to Secure Valuable Media Coverage For Your Business

Social media in your HVAC, a website that primarily deals with HVAC concerns, wrote a great article about using social media for an HVAC business. Upon reading more closely, though, it is not hard to pick up their points and see that they can be applied to any business in general.

Craft a great pitch

  • It needs to be eye-catching, relevant, short and sweet.
  • Think hard about what is special about your product or service, what is your unique angle or special knowledge.

Do your research

  • Identify relevant media outlets – local and regional newspapers that operates in your area.
  • Look for reporters that cover your topic and submit your pitch to them.

Never miss a deadline

  • When given an opportunity to participate in a story, do not delay.
  • Your delay could mean the difference in having your company featured, or a competitor because they were able to supply the needed information sooner.
  • Communicate clearly and quickly, putting other tasks aside to keep your schedule open for media accommodations.
  • Prepare for your interview

  • When a reporter schedules an interview, ask what your focus should be and the angle they will take with the story.
  • Study up on the topic at hand; you’ve already told the media you’re an expert, so make sure you have the knowledge to back up that claim.
  • take some time to refine your interviewing skills. Practice will help you speak clearly and confidently during your interview.

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