Who We Are

Devex core values SITES

We care about the safety of our people and those we work with. As safety leaders, we are focused on making sure that everything we design, construct, operate and maintain is within standards and safe.
We provide our people with the training, knowledge and skills to work safely and to prevent and/or minimize incidents. Protocol and standard procedures demand that we perform safely and continually improve them. We recognize, identify, and correct potential hazards because we know how to work safely. 
It is important for us that our people and those we work with return home safely because we know that the important reward for working safely today is their tomorrow.

Integrity is as important as ability. Fostering a culture of transparency, responsibility, and accountability reduces risk and increases efficiency.

We act with honesty to build trust. We comply with local rules and regulations. We investigate all violations and complaints and take appropriate action.

Though we seek to advance our business aggressively and competitively, we make sure to compete fairly.

Teamwork improves efficiency.

A culture of coordination and collaboration empowers individuals to do things better together. We treat each other with honesty, compassion and respect. We are stronger when individual minds meet and when experiences, resources, and opportunities are shared to nurture a strong relationship.

We are passionate about the people, process and performance.

We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people who have made excellence not just a quality but a habit – an attitude.

Continuous improvement fuels us to develop and deepen our knowledge and skills of everyone in the company.

Being alert to change and moving quickly and decisively to meet challenges, we provide our clients and ourselves with a competitive edge.

Our company grows building from the strong relationship we have forged with our clients. We strive to maintain and strengthen these relationships by satisfying what the client requires and expects. We execute in a timely manner using our professional judgment to advance the objectives of our clients while remaining consistent with industry standards.


We commit to provide first-class workmanship to help our clients achieve their business and operational objectives in terms of sustainability, profitability, reliability and safety.


We aspire to be the country’s most reliable engineering and construction partner focused on delivering the highest quality of products and services.